By | April 14, 2015

With the advent of CNC machines, several advancements are seen in the field of manufacturing. The advancements prove to be very advantageous when comparing them with conventional machine tools. The advantages are

1. The process of production planning becomes easy and effective.

2. As the CNC machines are capable of doing several machining operations, the output of a single CNC machine is equivalent to the output of many conventional machines.

3. The above fact ensures a considerable reduction of floor space and storage space.

4. The lead time required for the preparation of punched cards and tapes is very less when compared with the preparation of jigs and fixtures.

5. Parts can be run economically in smaller quantities and it reduces the inventory.

6. The design change of the component (if necessary) can be done easily and quickly.

7. As the CNC machines require very little attention of the operator, the machine utilization is better.

8. Expensive jigs and fixtures are not necessary for location and holding. It reduces the tooling costs.

Computer Numerical Control Machine

9. Production of a workpiece requires very few set ups because more operations can be performed at each set up of the work.

10. The accuracy achieved is very high. It leads to better assembly and reduces fitting costs. The quality of the product also becomes better.

11. Operator errors are substantially reduced and so very less scrap is produced.

12. As a single operator can supervise several machines at a time, the labor cost is reduced.