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Whether you are going for online, evening or on campus, Grand Canyon University (GCU) has covered you in the pursuit of higher learning. You’re only a few questions away from learning what it takes to become a Lope. You are just required to fill up a simple form with very basic details of yours and then you are into action. This is how it looks.

Before you actually wonder let me give you some very important information about some of the Characteristics of Grand Canyon University.

  • Grand Canyon University offers more than 200 intellectual programs through our different colleges that characteristic academically opulent, value-based educational programme so that you obtain well-rounded indoctrination.
  • GCU has incessantly earned regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and its predecessor since 1968.
  • For more than 65 years, GCU has been the gateway to success for numberless scholars and industry leaders.

Here Is How You Can Do Admission Inquiry

Grand Canyon University is desire to obtain future graduates with heterogeneous attentiveness, professionalism and panorama, equipped to apprehend pedagogical opportunities with resourcefulness and exuberance.

  • Undergraduate Admissions – Competent high school and relocate students are invigorate to register for GCU’s undergraduate scheme. Admission prerequisites contradict, rely on whether you want to learn on our conventional campus or online.
  • Graduate Admissions – Admittance into one of our master’s or doctoral degree programs is established on your unweighted GPA and/or GRE or GMAT results. Inquire our graduate requirements to see if you qualify for admission to a GCU program. 
  • Transferring from Another College or Program – Students with at least a 2.25 GPA and 25 or more transferable credits from an accredited, GCU-approved college or program, are welcome to apply for admission.
  • Military Students – GCU is proud to serve military members, veterans and their dependents as a military-friendly university. We offer flexible online and evening degree programs and military university counselors dedicated to helping you use your benefits.

How To Find Your Program


Grand Canyon University’s business degrees provide students with high level critical thinking and analytical skills required in today’s complex business environments. We recognize the need for quality training in servant leadership, entrepreneurism and ethics, customizing each program around these pillars to help you thrive in your career. Earn a business degree in hospitality or sports management, study to earn your online MBA or teach business at the secondary level. These are just the beginning of your options.


Do you want to serve your community? A degree in one of GCU’s many criminal, political and social sciences can provide you with the right tools to do so. Students in these programs will learn collaborative and analytical skills that are valued in many work places. Whether you would like to work in a human service career, such as justice studies, or are interested in serving in a public position, Grand Canyon University has a degree program that is convenient for you.


Grand Canyon University offers a premier educational experience with relevant curricula designed to lead you to a career in a competitive science, technology, engineering, biology or math (STEM) field. Industry experts have helped develop our science and technology programs to respond to demands for skilled professionals in these areas. In addition, GCU fosters adaptability, collaboration, creativity, as well as ethical and social awareness, which industry experts say help make our graduates more competitive.


If you are interested in learning more in-depth methods and strategies of human communication, pursue a communications or language degree from Grand Canyon University. These degree programs allow you to explore many different types of communication, acquiring an excellent grasp on how successful communication and language works in our daily lives.


Grand Canyon University’s comprehensive science degree programs provide the foundational knowledge to prepare you to successfully enter into your career upon graduation. You have the opportunity to attain a deep breadth of content knowledge as well as research-based academic practices prior to entering the workforce or earning an advanced degree. These programs prepare you to use the skills learned as a student – research, critical thinking, and effective communication – in future health care settings.


Grand Canyon University has delivered outstanding nursing and health care education within a Christian learning environment for nearly 35 years. We prepare students to fill evolving health care roles as highly qualified professionals educated in direct care, management, health education and administrative disciplines. GCU’s in-class and online environments advance critical thinking, professionalism, accountability and ethical decision-making by applying science, health and nursing theories, along with a foundation of Christian values.


Let your creative spirit soar and your artistic side shine with a fine arts degree from Grand Canyon University. Become a leader in performing arts, or learn the professional technology skillset needed to succeed in the industry by studying in one of our fine arts degree programs. With small class sizes and plenty of opportunities, you will gain knowledge and channel your creative talent into a meaningful degree program experience.


If you want to work in the fascinating and rewarding field of psychology or counseling, a degree from Grand Canyon University can help you prepare for your career path. These degree programs both offer greater insight into the many facets of human behavior. Courses in each of these areas can help you develop skills related to individual and group motivation that may be valued in the workplace.


As a leading school for teaching, we take advantage of all opportunities to engage, instruct and inspire students of all ages. GCU’s faculty incorporates modern teaching concepts and technology into everyday practices to help prepare you for an enriching career in education. Whether you’re interested in entering the education field for the first time, investigating a career change or obtaining credits for professional development, Grand Canyon University has the program for you.


Grand Canyon University reaches a broad variety of like-minded Christian congregations and organizations, embracing interdenominational faiths and reflecting a celebration of the unity we have in Jesus Christ. If you hope to serve the church, there is no better place to grow than here at GCU. Whether learning on campus or online, our graduates with a theology degree emerge fully equipped to minister. From the bachelor’s degrees to master’s degrees from the Grand Canyon Theological Seminary, we offer the education you need to prepare the next generation of disciples.

Special Corner For Military Students

A Dedicated Military Team 

From guiding you through the enrollment process to assisting with benefits, we are honored to serve you. Our dedicated military university team, comprised mostly of veterans, serves as a knowledgeable resource for military students and their families.

Credit for Military Training & Non-Traditional Learning

GCU supports the Executive Order on Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses and Other Family Members, and follow the American Council on Education (ACE) guidelines in awarding credits for military experience.

Reduced Academic Residency 

Transfer credits from another university or from the military to help you earn your degree. Complete 25 percent or more of your degree requirements with GCU to uphold our residency requirement (30 percent for online programs).

Streamlined Transferring with SOC Partners

Moving frequently makes completing a degree difficult. With SOC, your home college agrees to issue a Partnership Student Agreement to “contract for degree” between you and your home college, and remains in effect even if you leave the military.

With honor, Grand Canyon University (GCU) proudly serves military servicemembers, veterans, Department of Defense personnel and their dependents. The demands of military life, with deployments and irregular schedules, can make school complex. In addition to traditional ground classes, GCU offers flexible online and evening degree programs to help you enhance skills, and gain a competitive edge in military and civilian markets. Forge your path at GCU, one of the nation’s top military-friendly colleges.

How Can You Migrate To Grand Canyon University (GCU)

Transferring from Another College or University

GCU will review courses completed at another community college or university, and credit earned at these institutions may be applied to a degree program offered at GCU based on our transfer policies.

The GCU Transfer Center has formed Articulation Agreements with a number of institutions, matching the coursework to maximize the use of resources, minimize duplicate coursework and help you make a smooth transition when transferring colleges to GCU.

If you are currently, or planning on attending one of these institutions, please work directly with your university counselor, who will guide you into the correct program at GCU.

GCU will still evaluate and award credit for institutions not listed below based on our transfer policies. You can have your unofficial transcript evaluated and, in as few as 24 hours, a university counselor will contact you with an estimated number of credits earned, an anticipated graduation date and preliminary schedule.

Know About The Tuition & Other Fees At Grand Canyon University (GCU)

Tuition & Financing at GCU

Financing your education is one of the most critical components you need to consider as you start your educational journey here at Grand Canyon University (GCU). It is important for you to know the cost of your education and understand your financial responsibilities. GCU strives to keep tuition costs competitive so that a private, Christian education is within reach for all students. 

GCU offers you three convenient learning options: a traditional campus environment, evening classes and online degree programs. GCU also offers a variety of opportunities to reduce the cost of furthering your education. Campus students may qualify for scholarships, while online students can take part in special offers. We also offer online members of the military reduced tuition amounts.

Find Your Passion Through Academic Excellence

Grand Canyon University (GCU) is dedicated to providing academic excellence while leading a movement of service and leadership in a Christian setting. Our biblically-rooted mission was built upon making a difference in the lives of others, and unleashing an opportunity for quality, affordable education through a Christian worldview. 

GCU’s degree programs exist to enhance the skills and knowledge that are necessary to succeed and advance in a professional career. Our rigorous curriculums are taught by experienced faculty and staff who guide students in finding their purpose on their journey towards academic success. 

Traditional and online learning options provide an opportunity for students to achieve their goals with ideal flexibility and convenience, allowing faculty and staff to concentrate on student’s success within a deeply nurturing Christian setting. 

Grand Canyon University is committed to aligning our programs to accreditation standards to help you exceed industry standards. 

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