5 Career Options Apart from Engineering and Medicine

5 Career Options Apart from Engineering and Medicine

In a developing country like India, majority of students are still forced to pursue careers in which they have no interest in. When it comes to education, students must have the liberty to choose their career paths that they desire rather than blindly following in the paths that their parents have already set. Why it is that Engineering or Medicine is the pre-emption for most Indian students when there several other interesting and knowledgeable career options available in the educational sector?

There is no harm in pursuing these careers as long as you’re interested in it, but if you are being forced into these career paths then you will later fall into the pit of self-pity and guilt. If your looking to avoid these future repercussions and look for an alternate career option, then your in the right place.

Let’s take a look at five career options apart from Engineering and Medicine that you can pursue.

Mass Communication/ Entertainment Media

This is a career that deals with television, journalism, advertising, film, news etc, and is one of the more popular career options in the current economy. It is already a growing industry and with India set to become the biggest economy in the next few years, the market for the industry will be on the rise. If you have an appetite for news, controversies, sports, travel and desire for greater choice than there is no better career prospect than the media industry for you. You can work both in front of the camera and behind it, meet with famous and commendable personalities, write stories or coming with interesting programmes for television. Along with an excellent growth opportunity you will also receive a lot of respect, praise and an identity.

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Forensic Science

Forensic Science is one of the popular career choices amongst students now as it deals with the application of scientific techniques and methods to incidents occurred during a crime, for example the Types of Soil found at the crime location or if any evidence or blood splatter is left behind which are under the investigation by the law. Many legal systems do the hiring for this position along with privates investigative agencies. The CBI or the Central Bureau of Intelligence hire forensic specialists to work on crime related cases in the country. There are many specialities including fingerprinting, medicine, engineering, languages, geology, insect study etc.


With the right amount of skill and an eye for unique composition and aesthetic detail and artful imagery, you could always have a bright future as a professional photographer. If you have natural flair in taking pictures and have been praised by people who are knowledgeable about art or fashion, then you can always consider taking it up as a career. With the media and fashion industry on the rise, the need for talented and skilful photographers has increased. If you have the right skill and expertise, you could be working for the biggest media agency or a fashion brand or even be clicking pictures for National Geographic one day.

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Animation & VFX

The animation and vfx industry has experienced a substantial growth in the last five years growing at a faster rate than the IT industries. There are several full-time and part-time courses related graphics design, multimedia and animation available and offer certificate courses. If you really have an artistic gift in you then you could also be working big budget Hollywood movies where animation cgi is used in abundance.

Climate Science

How would you like to save the world and make a living at the same time? Climate science is a challenging and socially driven profession that can help you be productive in saving the planet as well as making your career in the field of science. If you do the Math, major environmental threats are on the rise, and you could do your part in sustaining water resources, agriculture, ecosystem etc. You could end up becoming Climate scientist if you really put in all your effort in this field.

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